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This is an alternate reality Dragon Ball Z Roleplaying Forum. Here you will be able to re-create some of the most epic battles in Dragon Ball History. The twist? You are controlling the way the story ends.
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 Nappa's story

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PostSubject: Nappa's story   Tue Jan 12, 2010 8:52 pm

Nappa's Story


The city was light like it was the best day in the world. The hero had arrived to this town after completing this horrible quest that none survived before him. He held up his sword that had still had the blood stained splatters from the giant bear he had slayed his cape was burnt, chewed up, and stained with his own blood. He had traveled through "The Furious Volcano" and defeated "The giant man" and then topped it off by entering Kylee's cavern, the giant bear that hibernated there at this time he defeated. Nappa knew he was just a coward inside, he sensed his weak power level. He knew he could defeat him easily.

"My people, we will live in peace for another one thousand years!" He said, "Remember the name, H....Q!! I've defeated every single thing that could actually threaten this city!"

Right then Nappa landed on the ground and looked up at the man. "Ugh! What are you, a demon?" The man said changing his voice as he fell off the float to the ground. Nappa laughed as the man named HQ withdrew his sword out of it's holder and pointed it at the giant Saiyan. "I will kill you if you harm these people!" he yelled he would protect the city if it meant sacrifice himself. Nappa did respect that but he still wanted to defeat this man. Nappa shot a ki blast close to a small child but not enough to harm him just to send him flying.

"NO!" The man screamed jumping to his feet, Nappa still was laughing as he walked toward HQ. HQ swung his sword at the saiyan but Nappa just turned his shoulder and dodged it. HQ then brought back his sword and tried to stab Nappa. Nappa side stepped him and the man through a flurry of attacks with his sword all easily dodged by the powerful saiyan. But the last one connected hitting Nappa's shoulder. It didn't hurt him at all though. Nappa smirked as he looked at the human cower back in fear and drop the sword. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU!?" He yelled as he tripped over a rock and fell on his back.

Nappa rose one hand and shot a powerful ki blast at him, killing him instantly. A collective gasp was heard as the hero's sword dropped to the ground at the precise moment ascended into the air. At the state he was in right now, he wouldn't be able to destory the city as quick as he would like to, so he left the place unharmed, but their hero was killed leaving most of them traumatized.

(Gettin sumtin down, I'll make a good RP over the week end.)
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Nappa's story
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