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This is an alternate reality Dragon Ball Z Roleplaying Forum. Here you will be able to re-create some of the most epic battles in Dragon Ball History. The twist? You are controlling the way the story ends.
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 Waiting To Strike

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PostSubject: Waiting To Strike   Sat Jan 09, 2010 8:58 pm


The young Saiyan warrior Grinite, was looking up into the peaceful summer sky, no clouds, just pure beauty, the sun gazing down upon the even more peaceful city streets of West City, the main district town. Grinite's apartment was positioned down the road, not far from the main Capsule Corporation. Grinite would head down that ways if he needed to get some capsules for his training or his travels through the dark and motionless universe. For some unusual reason, Grinite had a nice personality, but when he was revved up in a battle of some sorts, he would burst out with hate and anger, and you really wouldn't like to be Grinite's opponent. Anything that he saw would be crushed and the life would be squeezed out of the living until there was nothing left, except another body lying on the cold floor, with the white cloud shaped soul moving on to the other world. Grinite had been to the other world once, when he fought a gorilla of a man on some outer space planet. He had trained with the great Demon King Dabura, and Dabura had lent him a soul to use. He still had a halo when he ventured back to Earth, but after he killed one person, he gained their life.

Grinite was out in his back lawn, the old lady who lived next door to Grinite would always try to spark some sort of conversation with the Saiyan warrior, but somewhat failed every time. Grinite was just not interested, his excuse was that he needed to train. At the very moment, the present, Grinite was hoping in the warm air, trying to fly. Once Grinite hit the ground again, he started to channel his ki, he tried again, but had been unsuccessful, for nearly an one hundredth time. Grinite thought that there must be some way to get into the air. That was when he heard a gun shot. "What the hell was that?" Grinite asked himself. He jumped over his back fence and got on his motor scooter, and drove down the road. He then saw a hold outside a bank, he knew that there were helpless civilians in outside that bank, he knew he must help. Grinite got off his bike and ran up to the man with the gun. The people screamed for Grinite not to do this, but he did anyway. "What you want fool? Wanna die or something? Cos I can pull this trigger right now" The man with the gun said to Grinite. "Heh, try me pal" Grinite replied. The gun man pulled the trigger, and the bullet came screaming out, Grinite jumped into the air, the bullet roared under his boots, Grinite's jacket was blowing in the wind, Grinite looked down, he was floating in mid air, he was now flying!

Grinite landed on the ground, he then ran up to the short eyed gunman and kicked the gun out of his hand, he then sweeped around to the back of the gunman and knocked around the back of the head, surely knocking him out.

The police department had just arrived, also the news crew had just arrived. Grinite did not want to be any part of this, so he ran down to his motor scooter, put it back into its capsule form, put the capsule in its protective case, and flew into the air, flying away from the scene.

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Waiting To Strike
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