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This is an alternate reality Dragon Ball Z Roleplaying Forum. Here you will be able to re-create some of the most epic battles in Dragon Ball History. The twist? You are controlling the way the story ends.
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 Quest Suggestion 2

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PostSubject: Quest Suggestion 2   Thu Jan 07, 2010 8:04 am

Quest Name: Q - Titan of Fire
Quest Description: Q, the pyromantic Namekian has escaped to the surface of Earth. He got the power to take over everything, and he has to get stopped! Defeat him to save the Earth once again!
Quest Requirements:
Must have Good allignment.
Must be able to defeat a PL 25,000 Namekian (Q).
Must be able to defeat two PL 10,000 Saibamen (Q III).
Quest Rewards:
10,000 Zenni
Access to Q Reborn - Titan of Steel
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PostSubject: Re: Quest Suggestion 2   Thu Jan 07, 2010 8:07 am

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Quest Suggestion 2
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